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Ignatian spiritual formation

God loves us and calls us to love. God desires that we continually grow into who we are created to be. We experience this call to love as a desire to search for a deeper and more meaningful life and faith experience. LIS offers Ignatian Spiritual Formation opportunities as a pathway to discern and develop the gifts God has given us, and to actualize God’s call to love in our lives.


Beyond deepening the individual spiritual experience, formation allows people active in spiritual ministry to discover and discern a range of ways to serve the church and society by deepening their abilities to be more effective lay leaders in their faith communities.  We invite you to consider any one of these offerings or all of them as part of the Ignatian Spiritual Formation Program (ISFP)

The complete Ignatian Spiritual Formation Program (ISFP) spans over a period of approximately three years, depending upon your course load. To complete the program, the requirements are:


​- Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life retreat - click here to know more

- Introductory courses (5)

- Advanced courses (4)

- Workshop/Elective (1)


Upon completion of the ISFP, a certificate is given. This certification serves as confirmation that the participant has satisfactorily completed a minimum of 104 hours of Ignatian formation in key areas of spirituality, methodology, and sociology. Additionally, the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life retreat is an experiential and formative 9-month retreat. It affords the retreatant over 200 hrs of reflective prayer, 36 weeks of one-on-one spiritual accompaniment, and 18 hrs of small group faith-sharing where listening, discernment and accompaniment skills are practiced.

​Depending upon where you're feeling called by God, how you wish to answer that call, and the ministry(ies) in which you are already involved, we invite you to consider sharing your ministerial gifts and training as a collaborator with LIS.

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