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Called & Gifted

Discernment Process

God is calling you to fulfill your unique purpose in life! Discover God’s call on your life by identifying your spiritual gifts. One of the tenets of Ignatian spirituality is discernment. Through discernment, we have the opportunity to encounter God personally through the interior movements of our emotions and desires. The Called and Gifted Workshop relies on the process of discernment to identify one’s spiritual gifts. Participants will have the opportunity to gain greater self-awareness and a deepening desire to discover God’s unique call for their lives.


The program is open to all and may be especially helpful if you are…

  • in roles of leadership (parish staff, teachers, professionals)

  • adjusting to life: job change, empty nest, retirement

  • discovering or rediscovering your faith

  • parents who want to nurture their child’s spiritual gifts

The Called & Gifted™ Discernment Process begins with a workshop presentation which includes Church teaching on the laity and lay apostleship, the nature of spiritual gifts, call and vocation, and how to undertake the process of discernment.


The program is a three-part process for discovering where you are gifted.


- Part One is a five-part workshop which lays the foundation for the beginning of discernment. During the initial meeting, participants will take the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory.

- Part Two is a one-hour gifts interview. This is meant to help you sift through your inventory results and determine where to start your discernment.

- Part Three helps you begin discernment in the real world by participating in small group meetings where you can:

  • develop charism experiments

  • evaluate your results

  • identify ways you learned to control life as a child that get in the way of using your charisms as an adult.


Cost: $115*

*If you are participating online, the cost includes includes first-class postage mailing of a spiral notebook and other materials that are required for your participation in this program. Please note that at this time, we are unable to offer personal delivery or pick up requests for the materials. An added cost will apply if materials need to be expedited. Thank you.



Part One (in person)

Saturday, July 27, 2024

9am - 4pm

Part Two

By appointment only

Part Three (optional & online PDT)

Sat., August 17th, 9-10:30a

Sat., September 7th, 9-10:30a



Part One

Saturday, January 25, 2025

9am - 4pm PST

Part Two

By appointment only

Part Three (optional & online PST)

Sat., February 15th, 9-10:30a

Sat., March 15th, 9-10:30a



Space will be limited in each session.

LIS is an apostolate of Catherine of Siena Institute and is trained and approved to conduct C&G workshops using their materials. For a brief promotional video on what this program offers, please visit

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