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the creative retreat

Saturday, december 3, 2022

9:00 am – 12:00 pm PST / in-person

$60.00 (materials included)

Instructor: Lori Stanley and Nicole Steiman Winter

Required text: None

Pre-requisite: None

Location: St. Joseph Center, Founders Hall, 434 S. Batavia St., Orange, CA 92868

One of the pillars of Ignatian spirituality is “finding God in all things” and one can do this effectively through the five senses. We invite you to give your eyes a break from the screens in your life and spend a few hours practicing contemplative artistic expression as you engage your senses. Allow your creative juices to flow while exploring contemplative art practices.

What you can expect to do:


  • Explore different mediums of artistic expression.

  • Engage the five senses to create art in various forms.

  • Participate in personal and group reflections.

Upon completion of this workshop, you will have explored and experienced God's presence through contemplative art activities.

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