Thursdays, March 9 & 16, 2023

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm PST / online


Instructor: Lori Stanley

Required text: None

Pre-requisite: None

Your life is your unique experience.  This workshop is designed to facilitate deep reflection on your life story.  It will help you understand the significant events and relationships that have shaped who you are today.  


What you can expect to do:

·      Explore your personal background, cultural roots, life experiences, milestones, turning points, and transitions that            have been significant in shaping your life.

·      Use journaling and artistic media to create your personal timeline of significant life events.

·      Develop a deeper understanding and acceptance of your life and how God has been present in it. 

·      Actively work/write emphasizing acceptance of all of the events in your life journey and focus on God’s presence



Upon completion of this workshop, you will have reflected on your life’s journey.  Such reflection leads to spiritual grounding and greater awareness of the ways God is at work in your life.

You can enhance and further explore this experience by taking the next workshop, Spiritual Autobiography.