payment & refund policies


Payment in full is normally expected at the time of registration for all LIS courses or other programs.

  • If you mail in a registration form, please include payment by check or credit card authorization.

  • If registration is done over the telephone, credit card payment information will be requested right away, or you will be asked to mail in a check as soon as possible.

  • If registration is done by email, you will be contacted by reply email or by telephone to arrange for payment by check or credit card.


In case of last-minute registration requests (less than one week in advance):

  • You will be asked to pay in advance by credit card, or else bring a check at the start of the program (the first day of a class, or the beginning of a retreat).

  • If any payments are made by cash, you will be given a written receipt, with a copy made for the LIS Finance Office.

  • Space in any course or program is not guaranteed until full payment has been received.  If a course or program is full or closed, those who have paid in full in advance receive priority.


Payment in full is expected before or on the first day of a course, with the following exceptions:

  • For longer academic programs (e.g. CBI), tuition payments will be handled per semester.

  • For year-long spiritual programs (e.g. Desafío or SEDL), a small fee is due at the time of registration, and participants will be asked to indicate their payment plan at the first session.

  • If other payment arrangements are needed (e.g. installment plans), they must be approved by the LIS Program Director and cleared with the Finance Office.


Students who have any outstanding balances for previous programs/courses will not be accepted into any further program/course until the outstanding balances are paid in full.


Cancellations and refund requests must be received in writing (via email is acceptable). Refunds will be handled as follows:


For one-day programs or one-weekend retreats:

  • Notification one week or more in advance                   Full Refund

  • Notification less than one week, up to day before    50% Refund

  • Notification on day of, or later, or none                         No Refund


For multi-session courses or longer programs:

  • Notification one week or more in advance                   Full Refund

  • Notification up to the day before the first session    $50 cancellation fee; remainder refunded

  • Notification before the second session                          50% Refund

  • Notification after the second session                              No Refund


If you have paid in advance for a series of courses and need to cancel, you will be refunded for any remaining courses, according to the above notification policies.

Scholarships/Financial Assistance

Through the generosity of the Tracy Scholarship Fund and other donors, LIS is able to offer a limited number of scholarships per semester for most of our programs.


If you need financial assistance, please submit an application form in advance, or NO LATER THAN the first day of the course or program for which you are applying.  Scholarship applications submitted AFTER the beginning of a course or program will not be accepted.


You may apply for no more than one scholarship per semester.  However, if you plan to complete a year-long program consisting of multiple courses, you may submit one application for all the courses involved.  If you do not complete the program, you forfeit the remainder of the scholarship awarded; it cannot be kept as a credit or applied to any other or future programs.


The scholarship awarded is contingent upon your remaining up to date on the payment of your fees.  If at any time you become delinquent on those payments, the scholarship will be forfeited.


Click here for a Scholarship Application.

Bounced Checks

If your payment by check is returned by the bank for insufficient funds, payment in full plus a $25 fee will be due immediately with a credit card or in cash.


Debit/Credit Card Payments

Debit and Credit Card payments are not always processed immediately, but rather on a weekly basis.  Please make sure that sufficient funds are available to cover your payment until such time as it is processed.  In cases where payment is denied or rejected, you will be contacted and asked to provide an alternative form of payment.

Effective Dates

These policies are effective as of July 1, 2015, and remain so unless and until modified in the future.

For questions or clarifications, please contact Lupe Vizcarra, LIS Finance & Operations Manager,
at  or 714-997-9587 x31.


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