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LIS Donors 2013-2014

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We are so grateful to our donors who make possible the fulfillment of our mission to bring people closer to God and provide our spiritual services to all. The following donors have contributed to LIS in 2013-2014. - STILL TO BE REVISED

Magis Circle 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wade        

LMU Jesuit Community     

Manresa Jesuit Community

Ignatius Loyola Circle

Tracy Industries            

Loyola Jesuit Community, Los Angeles

Francis Xavier Circle

Mr. & Dr. Joseph Hur      

 Jesuit Community at Santa Clara University

Peter Faber Circle

Most Rev. Gordon Bennett, SJ

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Cachat

Ms. Suzanne Ching

Dr. & Mrs. Fred Debs

Rev. Allan Deck, SJ

Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Just

Mrs. Joyce Ng

Dr. Clara Nguyen

Dr. & Drs. Amante Pulido

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Ramos, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stringer

Goeke Family Trust

California Community Foundation

Loyola House Jesuit Community, Los Angeles

Mary & Joseph Retreat Center

Manresa Circle

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Barrett        

Dr. Jesus Berdeja        

Mr. Ramon Corona
Judge & Mrs. Frank Firmat        

Mr. John Ford        

Mr. Wayne Hubert
Ms. Jenny Agnes Jun

Friends of LIS












































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