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LIS Associates are graduates of the Ignatian Spiritual Formation Program (ISFP), the Programa de Formación Espiritual Ignaciana (PFEI), and others with equivalent spiritual formation and expertise who collaborate with LIS in promoting Ignatian spiritual ministries and pastoral leadership. 

LIS Associates are lay men and women, permanent deacons and priests, religious sisters and brothers who have a gift for spiritual development and some background in Ignatian spirituality.  They include Roman Catholics as well as Christians of other denominations.  LIS Associates work side by side with LIS staff in providing a wide variety of spiritual services, formation, and training.  They are available on a part-time and/or volunteer basis, and may or may not receive a stipend for their services.  Associates are recognized by LIS as having a certain expertise in Ignatian spirituality and a readiness to share that spirituality with others.

"LIS will always hold a special place in my heart.  It has been for me a home, a place of renewal and transformation, a place for growth and healing, and wonderful companions."                                        -Jack Gonsalves, LIS Associate

Claudia Abad (PFEI Graduate)

Elizabeth Alejo (ISFP Graduate)

Macario Arellano (PFEI Graduate)

Anna Marie Arias (ISFP Graduate)

Josefina Arteaga (PFEI Graduate)

Laura E. Avila (PFEI Graduate)

Michael Baik (ISFP Graduate)

Beatriz A. Barajas (PFEI Graduate)

Julie Barrios (ISFP Graduate)

Eric V. Batoon (ISFP Graduate)

Jocelyn W. Batoon (ISFP Graduate)

Donna Beam (ISFP Graduate)

Sr. Sharon Becker, C.S.J. (ISFP Graduate)

Blanca Yolanda Benítez (PFEI Graduate)

Arturo Benítez (PFEI Graduate)

Julie Bergner (ISFP Graduate)

Imelda Bernal (PFEI Graduate)

Rebeca Berumen (ISFP Graduate)

M. Esther Block (ISFP Graduate)

Nancy Boyd (ISFP Graduate)

Ana Boyzo (PFEI Graduate)

David Brown (ISFP Graduate)

Hon. Paul M. Bryant, Jr. (ISFP Graduate)

Ken Cachat (ISFP Graduate)

Glenda Marie Campos (ISFP Graduate)

Mary Cannon (ISFP Graduate)

Julio Cano (PFEI Graduate)

Anh Thu Cao (ISFP Graduate)

Sr. Maria Carlos, E.I.N. (ISFP Graduate)

Mareli Carrillo (PFEI Graduate)

Josephine Carrillo (ISFP Graduate)

Clemente Castañeda (ELI Graduate)

Martha Castañeda (ELI Graduate)

Adorable Castelo (ISFP Graduate)

Ruth Sáenz Castillo (PFEI Graduate)

Aurelio Castillo (PFEI Graduate)

Lynn M. Cawley (ISFP Graduate)

Anny Chang (ISFP Graduate)

Francis S. Chang (ISFP Graduate)

Aurelia Choe (ISFP Graduate)

Dorothea Chong (ISFP Graduate)

Paola Cienfuegos (PFEI Graduate)

Jennifer L. Cochrane (ISFP Graduate)

Matt Connor (ISFP Graduate)

Amparo Coria (ELI Graduate)

Maricela Correa (ISFP Graduate)

Álvaro Cortés  (PFEI Graduate)

Elizabeth Cortez (ISFP Graduate)

Teresa Cossios (ELI Graduate)

Rosa Cossios-O’Toole (PFEI Graduate)

Angélica Cuevas Pelayo (PFEI Graduate)

Fr. Francis Dass, S.D.B. (ISFP Graduate)

Alejandra De Arcos (PFEI Graduate)

Juan M. de la Fuente (PFEI Graduate)

Martha Gabriela de la Fuente (PFEI Graduate)

David D. de Leon (ISFP Graduate)

Joanne Do (ISFP Graduate)

Lucy Dominguez (ISFP Graduate)

Stephen P. Dunphy (ISFP Graduate)

Diane Elias (ISFP Graduate)

Christina Shubin Elmajian (ISFP Graduate)

Marion Escalante (ISFP Graduate)

Regina Vernell Eskridge (ISFP Graduate)

María Isabel Espinosa (PFEI Graduate)

Gloria Espinosa (PFEI Graduate)

Isaura Espinosa (PFEI Graduate)

Carmen Estrada (PFEI Graduate)

Karen Lynn Fairweather (ISFP Graduate)

Karla Fernández (PFEI Graduate)

Anita E. Finley (ISFP Graduate)

Erick Frederick Fischer (ISFP Graduate)

Miguel Antonio Flores (ISFP Graduate)

Maggie Galvez (ELI Graduate)

Maria Luisa Galvez (PFEI Graduate)

María R. García (PFEI Graduate)

Rafael Pérez García (PFEI Graduate)

Daniel Canizales García (PFEI Graduate)

Dcn. René García (PFEI Graduate)

Miguel García (PFEI Graduate)

Shirley Gaw (ISFP Graduate)

Fe P. Goeke (ISFP Graduate)

Robert F. Goeke (ISFP Graduate)

María M. Gómez (PFEI Graduate)

Jack Gonsalves (ISFP Graduate)

Gilber V. Gonzalez (ISFP Graduate)

Gilberto Gonzalez (ELI Graduate)

Maria Olivier Gonzalez (ELI Graduate)

María L. González (PFEI Graduate)

Rocío Revuelta González (ISFP Graduate)

Lanelle Gordin (ISFP Graduate)

Esther M. Granados (PFEI Graduate)

Liliana Hsueh-Gutierrez (ISFP Graduate)

Cindy Guzman (ISFP Graduate)

Sr. Rosaleen Hanlon, C.S.J. (ISFP Graduate)

Penny Hansen (ISFP Graduate)

Yolanda Haro (ISFP Graduate)

James R. Hayes (ISFP Graduate)

Denise Healey (ISFP Graduate)

Rafael García Herrera (PFEI Graduate)

Hector Miguel Hidalgo (ISFP Graduate)

Delores A. Hill (ISFP Graduate)

Sr. Hoa Hoang, L.H.C. (ISFP Graduate)

Wayne P. Hubert (ISFP Graduate)

Shirley J. Hull (ISFP Graduate)

Dr. Regina Chung Hur (ISFP Graduate)

Dr. Tammy Ichinotsubo-Ezzi (ISFP Graduate)

Nellie A. Inducil (ISFP Graduate)

Theresa S. Inocencio (ISFP Graduate)

Maria Teresa Bertha Islas Ramirez (PFEI Graduate)

Chelo Jarme (ISFP Graduate)

Robert R. Jaurequi (ISFP Graduate)

Agnes Jun (ISFP Graduate)

Eunock Kim (ISFP Graduate)

Victoria Kisow (ISFP Graduate)

Bob Knittle (ISFP Graduate)

Erika Larios (PFEI Graduate)

Justin Le (ISFP Graduate)

Miguel Angel Ledezma Garcia (PFEI Graduate)

Ted B. Leenerts, D.Min. (ISFP Graduate)

Juan León (PFEI Graduate)

Virgil G. Lew (ISFP Graduate)

Bruce W. Li (ISFP Graduate)

Rosa Kato/Lim (ISFP Graduate)

Sooyeon Teresa Lim (ISFP Graduate)

Feng June Liu (ISFP Graduate)

Benjamin De Los Reyes (ISFP Graduate)

René Luevanos (ISFP Graduate)

Macrina García  Machuca (PFEI Graduate)

Gil Sampaga Magno (ISFP Graduate)

Sr. Annuncia Thu Mai, LHC (ISFP Graduate)

Ricardo Manalo (ISFP Graduate)

Victoria Marchica (ISFP Graduate)

Joseph Marino (ISFP Graduate)

Helene Markel (ISFP Graduate)

Elvira Martin (ISFP Graduate)

Dolores Martinez (ELI Graduate)

Jamie Mathisrud (ISFP Graduate)

Mark Matzaganian (ISFP Graduate)

Sarah Nelson Meyers (ISFP Graduate)

Maura Monroe (ISFP Graduate)

Verónica Muñoz (PFEI Graduate)

Caroline Neal (ISFP Graduate)

Guadalupe Negrellos (PFEI Graduate)

Joyce W. Ng (ISFP Graduate)

Phivan Therese Ngoc Nguyen (ISFP Graduate)

Dr. Clara Nguyen (ISFP Graduate)

Ignis Viet Nguyen (ISFP Graduate)

Maithi Nguyen (ISFP Graduate)

Peter Hoang Nguyen (ISFP Graduate)

Sophie Nguyen (ISFP Graduate)

Thierry Nguyen (ISFP Graduate)

Deacon Hao Nguyen (ISFP Graduate)

Sr. Karin Nuernberg, C.S.J. (ISFP Graduate)

Shirlee Oakley (ISFP Graduate)

Aida Ocampo (PFEI Graduate)

Odion Leslie Okojie (ISFP Graduate)

Dcn. Carlos & Betty Origel (Associates of LIS)

Bertha “Betty” Origel (PFEI Graduate)

Diácono Carlos Origel (PFEI Graduate)

Irma Oropeza (ISFP Graduate)

María DoloresMorales Ortega (PFEI Graduate)

Norma Ouyang (ISFP Graduate)

Rosa E. Pacanins (PFEI Graduate)

María Cristina Páez-García (PFEI Graduate)

Marisol Eliosa Palma (PFEI Graduate)

Cesar Palma (PFEI Graduate)

Fernando Peraza (ELI Graduate)

Kathleen Marie Pierce (ISFP Graduate)

Amada Pinedo (PFEI Graduate)

Irma Pizano Bermúdez (PFEI Graduate)

Ada Poh-Jin Lam (ISFP Graduate)

Lina Ponder (ISFP Graduate)

Therese Martin Portman (ISFP Graduate)

Dr. Amante Pulido (ISFP Graduate)

Dr. Christina Pulido (ISFP Graduate)

Uriel Quintana (PFEI Graduate)

Humberto Ramirez (ELI Graduate)

Julia Ramirez (ELI Graduate)

Olga Lidia Ramírez (PFEI Graduate)

Marco Antonio Ramírez Cañedo (PFEI Graduate)

María Elvira Ramos Castañeda (PFEI Graduate)

Howard Rhee (ISFP Graduate)

Dévora Brito Rivas (PFEI Graduate)

Andres Pompa Rivera (PFEI Graduate)

Elena G. Robles (PFEI Graduate)

María Rocha (PFEI Graduate)

Gladys Rodas (PFEI Graduate)

Eufemia Rodriguez (PFEI Graduate)

Adoración Rodríguez Piñeiro (ISFP Graduate)

Reynaldo Rodríguez (PFEI Graduate)

Diácono Martín Ruiz (PFEI Graduate)

Florencia Ruiz (PFEI Graduate)

Esperanza Sampablo (ELI Graduate)

Arturo Lemus Sánchez (PFEI Graduate)

María Eugenia Sánchez (PFEI Graduate)

Mariano Sánchez (PFEI Graduate)

María M. Santiago (PFEI Graduate)

Shirley Espique-Seckendorf (ISFP Graduate)

Christopher Sherrick (ISFP Graduate)

Roberto Sinson (ISFP Graduate)

Kathleen Elizabeth Smith (ISFP Graduate)

José Solorio (PFEI Graduate)

Juanita Solorio (PFEI Graduate)

Maureen Soria (ISFP Graduate)

Dcn. Richard Soria (ISFP Graduate)

Gloria Soto (PFEI Graduate)

Maria Suh (ISFP Graduate)

I-Hong Sun (ISFP Graduate)

Li-Fang Sun (ISFP Graduate)

Eveline Sy (ISFP Graduate)

Kumiko Nakagomi Takeda (ISFP Graduate)

Soh-Kwan Tan (ISFP Graduate)

Pauline Y. Tang (ISFP Graduate)

Shae Tarka (ISFP Graduate)

Thoa Kim Thi Tran (ISFP Graduate)

Theresa Minh Thu Cao (ISFP Graduate)

Marcella Tomooka (ISFP Graduate)

Oscar Tovar-Argueta (ISFP Graduate)

Thai Tran (Associate of Lis)

Tamara Tuyen Tran (ISFP Graduate)

Joan Constance Trivett (ISFP Graduate)

Mike Trujillo (ISFP Graduate)

Raymond P. Uribe (ISFP Graduate)

Claudia Valencia (PFEI Graduate)

Elizabeth Lespron-Vargas (ISFP Graduate)

Juanita Villalobos-Vargas (ISFP Graduate)

Dcn. Alfredo Vargas (PFEI Graduate)

Ben & Fe Varquez (Associates of LIS)

Jenny Y. Verdi (PFEI Graduate)

Linda Valerie White (ISFP Graduate)

Mary Wiese (ISFP Graduate)

Funadi Wongso (ISFP Graduate)

Wallace T. Yang (ISFP Graduate)

Beatriz C. Yescas (ISFP Graduate)

Tracia Pui Yu Wong (ISFP Graduate)

Mabel Suarez-Zarate (PFEI Graduate)

Other ISFP Graduates

Veronica Choi

Victoria Dendinger

Victoria Eagleson

Sr. Josephine Ha, L.H.C.

Sr. Mary Peace Tien Ho, L.H.C.

Sr. Mary La, L.H.C.

Sr. Grace Duc T. Le, L.H.C.

Sr. Angeline Huong Nguyen, L.H.C.

Sr. Christine Nguyen, L.H.C.

Sr. Maitrinh Nguyen, L.H.C.

Sr. Thuy-Nga Nugyen, L.H.C.

Greg Tabat

Sr. Maria Uyen Winnie To, L.H.C.

Sr. Loan Thi Tran, L.H.C.

Sr. Theres Hong Phuac Tran, L.H.C.

Sr. Thuy Tran, C.S.J.

Cristina Wong