Individual Spiritual Direction

  • Do you long for greater intimacy with God?

  • Do you wish to discover the subtle work of God in the joys and challenges of your everyday life?

  • Do you desire a spritual companion who can offer wisdom and perspective?


LIS has experienced Spiritual Directors who can journey with you as you seek a vibrant and life-giving spirituality.

Not all who wander are lost.

—-J.R.R. Tolkien

What is Spiritual Direction?


Spiritual direction, or spiritual accompaniment, can be described as help that one person gives to another to assist him or her in discovering, appreciating, and responding to God’s presence and action in one’s life.  It is based on the understanding that God’s love for us is an active love by which God is continuously inviting, directing, and guiding us to help us achieve the fullness of life that God desires for us.


The focus of spiritual direction is not simply with the ‘spiritual’ dimension of our lives but with everything that makes us who we are: our heart, mind, spirit, body, affectivity, desires, and actions.  It is concerned not simply with our prayer-life but with our entire faith-life.  It embraces every deed and attitude, every thought and feeling, every job and relationship that make us who we are.  Spiritual direction is not really “direction” in the sense that the director tells us what to do or how to do it.  In fact, there really is no director in our faith-life is the Holy Spirit.  A “spiritual director” is simply a companion with us on our journey of faith.


The spiritual director will ask clarifying questions, offer encouragement, and occasionally challenge us, but his or her primary role is simply to listen.  Only rarely will he or she offer us answers; more often our director will invite us to ask questions.  One’s spiritual director will act as a mirror: helping us notice God’s actions in our lives, understand them, savor them, and respond to them.


Spiritual direction focuses not so much on what we have read, or thought, or wished for, but rather on what we are actually experiencing in our efforts to discover, appreciate, and respond to God.  Spiritual direction is grounded on the understanding that God communicates to us not only in times set aside for prayer or meditation but also through the ordinary events of our everyday lives.  But in this regard, it is not the events themselves that are key, but rather the affective responses they evoke in us – the feelings of joy, peace, hope, anxiety, sadness, and fear we commonly experience in our everyday lives.  It is precisely here that, through faith, we can discover God’s direction and guidance in our life.


When we meet with our spiritual director for the first time, it is helpful to begin by describing where we have been in our life, what we have been looking for, what and whom we care about, how we feel about our life, where we want to go in our life, and what has prompted us to look for spiritual direction at this time.  For subsequent meetings, it is helpful to come prepared with some experiences and/or concerns we wish to speak about and/or questions we wish to ask.


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