Ignatian spiritual formation program

God loves us and calls us to love. God desires that we continually grow into who we are created to be. We experience this call to love as a desire to search for a deeper and more meaningful life and faith experience. LIS offers the Ignatian Spiritual Formation Program (ISFP) as a pathway to discern and develop the gifts God has given us, and to actualize God’s call to love in our lives.


Beyond deepening individual spiritual experience, the ISFP allows people active in spiritual ministry to discover and discern a range of ways to serve the church and society. The phases, courses, and practices of the ISFP offer opportunities for individuals to deepen their abilities to be effective lay leaders who can collaborate with LIS and/or local faith communities. 


The formation program consists of three phases as outlined below. Individuals are also welcome to enroll in one or several of the courses without completing the entire program sequence. Their assignments within each course will be adapted to their learning needs. The sequencing within the program is designed to provide an integrated journey through the many facets of Ignatian formation, but an individual learning agenda is also possible.

Phase 1: Ignatian spiritual formation (2 years)


The first year of the program provides a basic understanding of Ignatian Spirituality through a series of classes that explore various areas of spirituality within an Ignatian framework. The second year offers the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life. This cornerstone of Ignatian experience fosters a transformative personal relationship with Jesus. The second year Spiritual Exercises concludes with a one day “Gifts and Callings” workshop. This capstone assists participants to “discern well” whether they are being called to continue in the formation program, or to explore other opportunities. View Phase 1 Course List.


Phase 2: Ignatian Ministry Training (1 year)


Formation in ministry training provides advanced courses in Ignatian Spirituality combined with a practicum that provides the opportunity to apply Ignatian concepts to hands-on ministry. Ongoing discernment allows the participant to clarify where God might be leading toward further spiritual formation and calls to serve. View Phase 2 Course List.


Phase 3: LIS Associate Ministry (ongoing)


The final phase of the ISFP is for participants who feel called to actively support LIS in the activities the Institute is engaged in. This phase is designed for individuals who, upon completion of Phase 1 and Phase 2, have discerned a call to minister and collaborate with LIS. Support includes ongoing spiritual direction and supervision, quarterly LIS meetings for networking, ministry development and faith sharing. Participants will develop an Annual Ministry Plan outlining forty hours of ministry commitments.